Ensuring dynamic image captions are legible

February 03 2016

It is quite common these days for the home page of a website to have scrolling images to introduce the site. If you are displaying a caption on these it is hard to ensure that the fixed caption colour doesn't end up on part of the image that has the same colour.


What is the most useful mobile phone app

July 29 2014

Texting used to be chore until I got a smart phone. All the multi presses on tiny keys to get to a single letter meant I hardly used it at all.


Open yourself up to comments

May 24 2014

Many webmasters are wary of adding discussion forums to a website because of problems with spam and the need to keep software up to date. If you write your own software then you have to include features to allow users to register and administrators to block or ban users and to moderate comments.


Happy Responsive New Year

January 18 2014

During 2013 mobile and tablet usage continued to grow at a phenomenal rate so that between them they now account for 25% of all internet usage. I think this can no longer be ignored by website developers.


PHP wont work after 2038

June 11 2013

That is a bit of an attention grabbing headline but there is at least one function in PHP that doesn't like dates after 2038.