Why SlowDucks?

Slow Ducks SignA few years ago my daughter put this sign up on the road bend just before the house as she was worried about her pet ducks getting run over. In the Summer especially they seem to like the warmth of the road and we often see cars waiting patiently because the ducks refuse to get out of the way.

Anyway, people coming to visit us or driving past the house occasionally joke (or perhaps really do think!) that the hamlet is called 'Slow Ducks' so the name has stuck. We also get people wanting to see our 'slow ducks'. Its also a domain that wasn't registered (although slowducks.org is!).

By the way the duck eggs are excellent and my daughter sells them locally so if you live nearby and like duck eggs for cooking etc then she will be pleased to supply you. Use the contact page if you are interested.

The building in the background is where they live (not Round Ash Associates' office). I'll try to get some pictures of the ducks up soon.

Whats the blog for then?

Well, there are several reasons but the main one is as a testing tool for the content management software that Round Ash Associates has developed and uses for all new client websites. Yes, OK there are hundreds of content management systems out there but many are designed for 'designers' and not end users and we believe ours is one of the easiest ones to get to grips with if you are not technically minded.

Another reason though is just to flag up things that I have come across whilst working with the Internet for many years (it helps me too as I can find them again!) - useful tips, news etc - not just for other developers but anyone with a website. So the idea is to publish articles on maintaining websites, email marketing etc - some will be techy and some won't.

And of course I love living in this part of the world - Chagford is a unique place - so from time to time I might indulge myself with a little bit about whats going on around here.