An interesting take on the World Cup

Added on: Thursday 8th July 2010

I may be in the minority but I have had no interest in the football world cup - even for the pitifully few matches that England played. However, I'm glad that Spain won last night and I'll tell you why

If you head over to Sitepoint you'll see they've got a sale with a difference.

From the quarter finals onwards, they have chosen 8 of their books - one for each country with the price determined by the outcome of the real football match.

The 'books' making it to the semi finals had their prices reduced to $9.95 and those making it to the finals are now only $4.95.

Those that lose a match go back to their orginal price.

I was interested in the book representing Spain, so after last nights result I can now have it for $4.95.

Now, the question is do I take a gamble on Spain winning the final (in which case my book will be free for 24 hours) or do I get it now before it goes back to its original price...

What a great marketing idea!