What is the most useful mobile phone app

Added on: Tuesday 29th July 2014

Texting used to be chore until I got a smart phone. All the multi presses on tiny keys to get to a single letter meant I hardly used it at all.

All that changed with the virtual keyboard of the smart phone but even then switching from letters to other symbols and back again was cumbersome.

Luckily, I quickly discovered Swift Key on the Google Play Store and to date it is still the only application I have paid for because I feel it is so essential.

As of now though, Swift Key is free at Google Play so head over there and get it as soon as you can.

The application takes predictive text to a whole new level as it learns from previous texts and emails and can access your Gmail account to see which words you tend to use more than others.

I invariably only have to type the first few letters of the word before it brings up the one I want as one of the three choices based on my keystrokes.

This is before the SwiftKey Flow option which allows you to swipe your finger over the letters that make up the word you want. I'm just getting to grips with this but it should make the typing even faster.

The app also shows how many keystrokes you've saved and a host of other statistics.

Swift Key