A font with holes in

Added on: Monday 2nd February 2009

A company in Holland have come up with a new font that they say will save on ink costs by cutting down the printable area on each letter.

The font called the Ecofont is similar to the Verdana font but each letter has a series of holes in it - thus in theory requiring less ink.

However, many people have said that although the font is freely downloadable, the quality of printed documents that use it is not good enough for publication.

So what will it be used for? Printing out internal emails and memos?

Although the company should be applauded for the idea shouldn't we really be encouraging people not to print emails in the first place?

That's why we are constantly developing our online contact management software so that the information is available to all users without having to print it.

You can find out more about (and download) the Ecofont here.