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Added on: Friday 6th March 2009

Since Google released their Google Maps application and the API to allow developers to add maps on their own sites it seems that nowadays a website isn't complete without an interactive map.

All the bigger open source CMS applications now have a Google Maps plugin and I thought it was time that our CMS offering did the same.

So, I'm pleased to say that there is now a new Map module within our CMS that allows users to create their own maps and display them on any page.

With it you can set the default zoom and centre point for the map and then add markers by clicking on the location and filling in the details on a form.

There is also the ability to add lines and closed shapes to a map - again by clicking the points on the map.

Markers can also be associated with content already stored in the system so for example you could add a marker for all photographs in an image gallery or show the locations of events.

Any markers that are added are stored separately to the maps so that they can be used on any map without having to add them again.

Currently this only produces an interactive map but I'm working on a facility to create a static location map (image only) for use on contact pages etc.

Heres a link to one I made earlier (screenshot below) for Accommodation in Chagford.

Accommodation in Chagford

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