5 books for the price of 1

Added on: Thursday 24th September 2009

Following their free PDF book giveaway last week, Sitepoint are at it again. This time it is five books for the price of one.

Yes, thats right! Five books in PDF form for .95.

Having bought quite a few titles over the years I can vouch for the quality of the content and there is a wide range of titles covering all aspects of web design and development from fairly technical to the business aspect.

I'm heading over later to get my order in as it is available for one week only.

The hardest part is going to be choosing which five to get!

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10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines

Added on: Thursday 24th September 2009

I have just read an article on Smashing Magazine website which was fascinating, especially the one about the use of images with faces.

As usual with Smashing Magazine, the article is well written and is packed full of useful information.

What's more there are usually links to several other articles of interest on the topic too that give further information on the topic.

If you are a web developer or designer and haven't found Smashing Magazine yet, I urge you to take a look.

They post articles regularly (I would say on average one or two per day) and I find most are of them contain something of interest to me.

One gripe though and that is that there aren't enough hours in the day to spend wading through the incredible amount of material on the website!

Sitepoint book giveaway

Added on: Tuesday 8th September 2009

You can get a copy of 'The Principles of Successful Freelancing' for free until 14th September.

Head over to Sitepoint to get a free PDF version of this book.

The reason for this giveaway is to get more people to follow Sitepoint on Twitter - but you don't even need to do that - you can simply get a copy sent to your email address.

Having purchased half a doxen of their books I can thoroughly recommend them not only for technical subjects but also marketing and business.